Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Sanctuary Of The Year

“I have nothing to fear and here my story ends. 
My troubles are all over and I am at home.” Anna Sewell
This is the motto of LWHA,
 a place where all animals can feel safe and enjoy their lives as they meant to. 

HERE you can see their last appearance on our blog.

Little Woman Home for Animals
A Sanctuary for Domestic Animals & Wildlife
In a Beautiful-Serene Setting

In 1999, Little Woman Home for Animals was started on 15 acres in the beautiful Piney-woods of East Texas near Huntsville, as a home for donkeys rescued from the Grand Canyon.  The donkeys came to LWHA on July 1, 1999.  

Over the next 13 years LWHA grew from one building to seven to house over 200 animals with inside (temperature controlled) and outside living areas.  The 200 consist of cats, dogs, donkeys, rabbits, birds, plus wildlife.  Wildlife have a pond available and is used by deer, raccoons, possums, birds and other critters.  

The adoption of cats and dogs is encouraged to provide them with all creature comforts and a family to love.   

Everybody is invited to visit by just calling to set a time to visit.   Presently, due to the drought open-houses have been postponed.


"Animals living without fear" all we can do is try little by little.


ConCATulations to The Sanctuary Of The Year!
 Thank you for being a part of our experience and for
accompanying us on our blogging way every day! 
We appreciate everything you do and we are looking
 forward to hearing your stories in 2013. 
We hope that the Office Manager will permit future appearances ;)

The next award
The Wackiest Cat Of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

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