Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - The Most Popular Post

THIS post about Cat Care Society 
has been The Most Popular Post 
on The Cuddly Friends blog in 2012!!!

Story of Willie  
(told by Cat Care Society)

"A kind-hearted rescuer brought Willie to CCS as a shy five-month-old stray who had wandered into someone’s back yard. He seemed wary of humans – but three days later, a senior couple with no other pets adopted him, and he thrived in their home for several years. Then one day his “Mom” died; shortly afterward, “Dad” went into assisted living. The family returned Willie to CCS.
The little guy was grieving, and the CCS team had trouble getting him to eat. A month later, his next chance came – adoption by a family with two teenagers. Alas, this new home lasted only seven months, as the father found that he couldn’t adjust to living with a cat. Back to CCS came Willie.
It was now October 2009. Willie was once again shy and withdrawn, and now extra wary of men. 
But the CCS staff and volunteers did what they always do – showered the now-nine-years-old tuxedo boy, Willie, with attention, affection…and food. Over the next three years, Willie slowly responded to all the loving care in a safe environment. Although he was passed over for adoption several times – senior cats still sometimes take longer to place – he began again to come out of his shell.
Finally, in May of this year, Willie found his permanent home, when a kind and affable woman named Dee adopted him. Dee, who has no other pets, reported recently that Willie “is doing great…going through a whole cooked chicken per week (white meat only, thank you very much!”) – and most important, he is now loved and safe.
Willie and Dee were no doubt meant for each other – and the Cat Care Society, with the help of its friends and donors, did what it took to bring them together. Willie’s story had its share of frustration and loss, but ultimately it’s the same uplifting tale of second chances and tireless devotion by the Cat Care Society caregivers."

What a touching story and what a great message for the closing of The Cuddly Awards ceremonies. We know we sound like a broken record but we want to make sure everyone can hear our meows: There are no ugly kitties! Those that seem angry, scary and/or uncuddable – they probably experienced something that made them behave that way. It really does not take much – a loving belly rub and someone making sure that belly is never empty can change a life. Can save a life.

 ConCATulations to The Cat Care Society, 
not just for being The Most Popular Post of 2012 
but most importantly for being a great bunch 
of Humans who devote their time and energy 
to care and to be kind. 
We hope you will be our Guests again in 2013!

Thank you for spending today with us!!!
ConCATulations to all the Winners!!!
We will be posting The Cuddly Coverage 
on our YouTube Channel very soon.
We are looking forward to the next year!!! 
The first purringly exciting news we would like to reveal is: we will be inviting representatives of other species! So if you and your Human would like to share your adoption/rescue story on our blog – please get in touch through “Contact Us” section. 

The Cuddly Awards 2013!!!
  Here we come!!!

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