Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Cupid's Award

Please find out more about this loving Girl, 
you can read her story HERE.

Nikki gives a whole new meaning 
to the expression “Cat Love”. 

When you see her  romantic moves, 
you must agree with our cuddly Cupid! 

Panther's Response:

This is Nikki as a Kitten:

 And here she is playing with a box:

Listen to Nikki describing
herself in her own words:
We hope that Nikki will share the honours with her Mom, Gigi, who has been an amazing Pawfriend that brought a lot of wise meows of kindness to our lives. If it was not for Gigi's video creating skills, Nikki would never be able to start her affair with 
The Most Tolerant Cat of The Year – Panther.
Nikki, please remember about us in 2013, we would love to know where you heart takes you next!

The next award
The Cuddliest Human Of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

1 comment:

  1. hi auntie Sophie, thankyou so much for giving me an award too, I promise, I'll never ever be jealous of my step-sister Kathi! I am so proud and surprised now, I nearly cannot eat my lunch!
    Your friend, the cat Nikki