Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Prince Of The Year

Buddha has been celebrating 
November - Animal Shelter Appreciation Month
 with us, by sharing a STORY of his arrival.

He has been showing signs of his majestic powers
 from the very early childhood: 

Meow with Buddha on Facebook!

Prince Buddha and The Royal Family:

Purrr with Buddha on Twitter

Shocking insider information: 
there was a discussion whether 
Buddha was cool enough to stick around!

Feeling prince-like for most of the time,
 he does not mind joining his bestest friends 
during those “Activation Moments”:

He also has some very important things to discuss! Let's all listen!

But he is not always that serious. 
Sometimes he sings beautiful songs 
about his Furfriends:

Buddha on G+

ConCATulations Sweet Prince of The Year!
Thank you for speaking up on behalf 
of all the Black Kitties out there!
Cats For Peace!!!

The next award
The Yawn Of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

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