Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Cool Cat Award

We celebrated Foutis' birthday with him this year. 
HERE is what he was up to!

You ask why Foutis received the Cool Cat Award? The answer is simple – while looking through his video footage, we found that his most favourite thing in the whole world is – staying cool. 
Here is Foutis doing what he likes most: relaxing!

Sunshine Style:

Indoor Style:

Winter Style:

Balcony Style:

ConCATulations to Mr Cool Cat! 
We do not blame you -
after watching your Human working so hard 
to help all the Kitties (and other creatures!) 
that cross her path - we would need some rest, too! 
The stories about your brothers are already in the making 
and we cannot wait to publish them in 2013!

The next award
The Sanctuary of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

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