Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thankful Purrrs and Nomeownations Announced!

Meowsies, our Dear Readers! 

In just two days we will be celebrating One Year
 since we decided to go public and speak out about
 adverse consequences of breeding. 

We learnt that it is not an easy task to stand against something as profitable as posh animal sales.
 However, we also learnt that there are A LOT of Cuddly Humans who believe that all creatures should be treated with respect and dignity, and that kept us going on those not-so-cuddly days.
This is why we decided to spend our First Cuddly Birthday by celebrating wonderful Pawships that we have made this year. 

On the 22nd December, we will reveal 
The Cuddly Awards 2012 CATegories 
and all The Cuddly Winners! :) 
Join us for a whole day of Pawesome Cat Fun - 
we hope that our waving paws united 
will encourage more Humans to adopt, not to breed.

And here is a sneaky preview of what awaits you -
 The Nomeownees!

THANK MEOWS to you ALL for taking part 
in our Campaigns - by featuring on our blog, spreading the word 
or simply, stopping by for a daily dose of smiles and cuteness. 
We are not here just for the serious stuffs! ;)


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    Health should be a priority for all breeders, but sadly that isn't the case.