Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Hunter Of The Year

Fluffy in action:

Fluffy has visited together with his brother, 
Boots, (with whom we believe he should  
share Hunter Of The Year honours) 
in the beginning of the year.  
Here is the POST they featured in.

Fluffy sent us an update on how they have been since they last visited:

"We've had a few changes during 2012, we lived in an apartment complex until June 6th. It was way back from the road and we were allowed outside during the day to patrol. We had a very mild winter so we patrolled at lot. I lost some weight, Dad was very happy about that. Most of the residents in the other apartments loved to watch us and thought we were so pretty. On June 6th we moved into our very own home. It's close to the road so we're only allowed out when dad takes us out. We love it here, there's a Creek on our property and the banks are great for hunting rodents! We also have our very own bridge across the Creek. It's an old utility pole Dad put there for us. We also like to sit on his footbridge and survey our domain." (to be continued...) 
ConCATulations to The Hunter Of The Year!
 Wishing you many successful hunts in the New Year,
 dear Fluffy, and we hope you 
will keep us posted on all of them!

The next award
The Comforter Of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

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