Our Story

There are two of us: the bigger one is Cesia and the smaller one is Gienia. Cesia just turned six a couple months ago and is fine now but that was not always the case. Since she was born, she was kept in a small cage and as soon as it was possible, she was used for breeding. She is a Bengal, those are expensive... She had too many kittens to count, surviving barely on water and what she could fight over with other females in exactly same situation. When she was three, the evil breeder was found out and the cats were taken to the shelter. Cesia was waiting her turn for a very long time - she was "wild", angry, and frankly speaking - no skin on her bones and dried out nose covered in blood didnt make her look too pretty... Luckily, one lady from a different country, decided to give Cesia a chance. The lady, however, had other cats and Cesia was not too "friendly" toward them. So the lady put up an ad on the internet. And there was a girl, from another country (which would make it fourth for Cesia within three years) to whom we'll later refer as The Human. While checking her email one day, she saw the broken cat that "needed a home immediately, otherwise would have to go back to the shelter". Not knowing much about broken cats, but knowing everything about broken humans, she replied to the ad and the tiny broken furry creature was living in her house the next day. It took a whole lot of adjustments for both of them a lot of patience and love, and then some more patience but after few weeks Cesia stopped crying every awake moment which made the town happy (she was louder than an ambulance!). Then she started drinking and eating in Human's presence. Then things started changing a little every day and two years later, she was a "normal" cat size, with healthy bones, crazy and cheeky, AND trusting Human.
There was time to get her some company for the lonely days. There came Gienia. Since she was a little kitten, she was a constant visitor at the vet. Her legs were disproportionate to the rest of her body. She twisted one of them when she was trying to "escape" the sound of fireworks. Before The Human knew it, she found a solution - she put her leg up behind her ear and was running on three (we'll post a picture of it, you can subscribe for updates).  She also kept catching all things a cat could catch. She never ever complained, always taking the painful injections with brave face, running around trying to get Cesia to become her pal few minutes later.
Of course, Cesia was not very happy with the new arrival at first, afraid that it was her time to go. Another few months later, fur flying in the air, but most of all - Gienia's perseverence to love and be loved by Cesia, we have the biggest Friendship that can be. And in order to celebrate this friendship, we decided to go public.

Do not buy bred kittens. There are plenty of them waiting for you in a shelter or a rescue home and they will really show you what true love is.

This is as much typed word as you'll get in here. We much more prefer posing for pictures and videos. Please let us know what you think!



  1. Love your blog thingy! The pictures are amazing!!

  2. i am a true believe in "don't breed, adopt". i think breeding is a form of animal slavery. i also think it's a type of racism of animals.
    your story is powerful.

  3. Yours is a very heart warming story. Thank god for the person who rescued her.