Monday, 31 December 2012

The Countdown!

Goodbye 2012! Hello 2013! :)

Sunday, 30 December 2012


We are so tired after The Cuddly Awards Pawty
 that we must rest to get ready and strong for the
 Pawesome New Year!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Cuddly Awards 2012 - The Acceptance Speeches

Oh, Meowsies! 
We are still purrrrring delightfully after the big success 
of The Cuddly Awards 2012. Such a Cat-tastic Pawty!!!
We did not expect to get any happier but then we saw/heard/read 
all the beautiful "Thank you" messages/letters/posts/videos 
and now we doubt we will ever stop purring! :) 
Again, it is YOU, the Winners, that we are grateful for - and for your wondpurful Humans who took you under their loving wings.

Little Woman Home for Animals and Suzi (also on behalf of 
Emily, Miracle, Bob Marley, Ziggy, Lola, Angel and Armand)
have meowed and purrred letters of love our way.
Sasha even featured The Cuddly Awards coverage on her channel!!

Charlie was so humble on receiving his award
he got his Sister, Missy, to speak out for him. 
Wouldn't be the first time Missy is pretending to be Charlie! ;)

Nike's (The Comforter Of The Year) Human 
has written a post about us HERE.

Laureates have filmed their reactions: 

Cat Care Society has talked about us 

Felix Cat Shelter is proudly presenting 
The Cuddly Award in their BLOG.

The Cheekiest Cuties have been "good" for long enough to cooperate 
with The Most Tolerant Cat on this acceptance speech video:

We were mentioned on the blog of 
Mr Bob Buttons - HERE!

Every single message we have received is truly appreciated and inspires us to make The Cuddly Awards 2013 even a bigger of a Pawty! 
We cannot do it without you so, please, 
send us your rescue/adoption stories and let's get the word out! 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day

Adopt a kitty and share the gift of love.

"A Perfect Gift"
 Hmm... Is this for me?

 Or maybe this one...? Sniff, sniff!

Ha! Now I found a perfect gift! Purrrrrrr!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Monday, 24 December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - The Most Popular Post

THIS post about Cat Care Society 
has been The Most Popular Post 
on The Cuddly Friends blog in 2012!!!

Story of Willie  
(told by Cat Care Society)

"A kind-hearted rescuer brought Willie to CCS as a shy five-month-old stray who had wandered into someone’s back yard. He seemed wary of humans – but three days later, a senior couple with no other pets adopted him, and he thrived in their home for several years. Then one day his “Mom” died; shortly afterward, “Dad” went into assisted living. The family returned Willie to CCS.
The little guy was grieving, and the CCS team had trouble getting him to eat. A month later, his next chance came – adoption by a family with two teenagers. Alas, this new home lasted only seven months, as the father found that he couldn’t adjust to living with a cat. Back to CCS came Willie.
It was now October 2009. Willie was once again shy and withdrawn, and now extra wary of men. 
But the CCS staff and volunteers did what they always do – showered the now-nine-years-old tuxedo boy, Willie, with attention, affection…and food. Over the next three years, Willie slowly responded to all the loving care in a safe environment. Although he was passed over for adoption several times – senior cats still sometimes take longer to place – he began again to come out of his shell.
Finally, in May of this year, Willie found his permanent home, when a kind and affable woman named Dee adopted him. Dee, who has no other pets, reported recently that Willie “is doing great…going through a whole cooked chicken per week (white meat only, thank you very much!”) – and most important, he is now loved and safe.
Willie and Dee were no doubt meant for each other – and the Cat Care Society, with the help of its friends and donors, did what it took to bring them together. Willie’s story had its share of frustration and loss, but ultimately it’s the same uplifting tale of second chances and tireless devotion by the Cat Care Society caregivers."

What a touching story and what a great message for the closing of The Cuddly Awards ceremonies. We know we sound like a broken record but we want to make sure everyone can hear our meows: There are no ugly kitties! Those that seem angry, scary and/or uncuddable – they probably experienced something that made them behave that way. It really does not take much – a loving belly rub and someone making sure that belly is never empty can change a life. Can save a life.

 ConCATulations to The Cat Care Society, 
not just for being The Most Popular Post of 2012 
but most importantly for being a great bunch 
of Humans who devote their time and energy 
to care and to be kind. 
We hope you will be our Guests again in 2013!

Thank you for spending today with us!!!
ConCATulations to all the Winners!!!
We will be posting The Cuddly Coverage 
on our YouTube Channel very soon.
We are looking forward to the next year!!! 
The first purringly exciting news we would like to reveal is: we will be inviting representatives of other species! So if you and your Human would like to share your adoption/rescue story on our blog – please get in touch through “Contact Us” section. 

The Cuddly Awards 2013!!!
  Here we come!!!

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - The Cuddliest Human

Angel, Armand and Lola are on YouTube!!!

More about Lola, Angel and Armand HERE.

Those three own The Cuddliest Human 
that joined our campaigns in 2012 - Suzi.

Where do we start with Suzi's contributions???
She told us about Sponge Bob, Emily, Miracle
Bob Marley & Ziggy and many, many, many
other kitties. In her spare and not-so-spare time,
Suzi is a Cat Whisperer. When you watch her videos,
you will see that her loving touch turns 
the scarediest of cats into bundles of cuddles.

Suzi sent us a "thank you" message on receiving The Cuddly Certificate: 
"OH MY MY WHISKERS THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SO NICE TO RECEIVE A PAWSOME AWARD FOR BEING A PART OF YOUR LOVING BLOG SITE FOR THE CATS!!! IT'S BEEN NOTHING BUT A REWARDING HONOR AND AN ACT OF SHARING FOR THE SHELTER CATS!! Mine are more than happy to be part as well! I am so pleased you asked us to be part and 2013 is going tobe another amazing and successful year for our shelter cats waiting to go home. (...) CELEBRATION IS IN ORDER!!!! YAY!!!"

 The Owners of The Cuddliest Human
are usually up to something!


But when the situation gets serious, they do, too!

In the end, all is well with The Bunch!

Suzi has taught us a new slogan! See it HERE

Another visit from Suzi HERE

Suzi understands very well the need of raising awareness about the rescue animals. She, just like our own Human used to be a victim of lack of information. 
Suzi says:
"All the rescues are the stars and showcasing the cats this way is living proof that <<Shelter>> doesn't mean maladjusted, sickly,  flea bitten, mean, reject or there for a <<reason>>.
That's how I always thought it was! THAT'S HOW I FELT, BELIEVED AND ACTED!! I always got cats from either friends with litters or adopted from a home that advertised. I never wanted a problem cat from a shelter or any cat over 6 months! A firm believer in the get a kitten theory!
Oh how it's changed!! Had I not ever started volunteering I would have never known the love and beauty of being with "Shelter" cats... That are really just CATS THAT NEED A HOME! I would never have fostered my pregnant girl (much against my will) and ended up with her and her kits!! I'm enriched every time I go to the shelters!
Oh that's just what I get from all of this! People really have to know!!

Animal Haven (website) 

Can you spot our 
Cuddliest Human
in this video?

Wishes from Suzi:

ConCATulations, Catnificent Suzi!!!
You are as much a part of our blog as we are by now 
and we could not be any happier about this.
We know there are more stories waiting 
for our paws to type them up 
and they will be appearing here in 2013, sure purrrs!

The last award
The Most Popular Post Of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Cupid's Award

Please find out more about this loving Girl, 
you can read her story HERE.

Nikki gives a whole new meaning 
to the expression “Cat Love”. 

When you see her  romantic moves, 
you must agree with our cuddly Cupid! 

Panther's Response:

This is Nikki as a Kitten:

 And here she is playing with a box:

Listen to Nikki describing
herself in her own words:
We hope that Nikki will share the honours with her Mom, Gigi, who has been an amazing Pawfriend that brought a lot of wise meows of kindness to our lives. If it was not for Gigi's video creating skills, Nikki would never be able to start her affair with 
The Most Tolerant Cat of The Year – Panther.
Nikki, please remember about us in 2013, we would love to know where you heart takes you next!

The next award
The Cuddliest Human Of The Year
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!

THE CUDDLY AWARDS 2012 - Blogging Paw Of The Year

Mr Bob is a very serious spokesman for Older Cats. 
He inspires us to pay more attention to the seniors
 who are often left out in the shelters. As Bob 
explains, discriminating against those wise creatures 
full of life knowledge is so very very wrong. 
He has told us his story HERE.

ConCATulations on becoming The Blogging Paw Of The Year!!! 
We know you have some competition now and we are hoping
you will not hold it against us if we invite Winston to share
his story with us in 2013!

The next award
The Cupid's Award
will be announced in just a few minutes!!!
Stay tuna'ed!