Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Dizzy Times

The world is spinning!!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gienia loves the T-Shirt

Not to wear, of course...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another Perspective

It is good to look at things 
from a different point of view,
from time to time...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

It is our honour to introduce... Chester!

Please, welcome our First Guest in 2013 -
 Adorable Chester!

Hi, I'm Chester and this is my story:
This video was taken on my first night in my new home. 
My human thinks I'm the sweetest boy ever! :)
I had been homeless for a while and when a lady pulled into her driveway I was sitting right in the middle of it playing with some of the neighborhood kids. They picked me up to take me out of the way and when the lady came out of the garage she asked the kids who I belonged to and they told her that I didn't belong to anyone. The lady said she wanted to help me find my home and took me in to give me food, water and treats and she called the animal control people to pick me up to see if they could get me back home. While we waited, I sat in her lap and let her pet me. I really love attention from people. The animal control person came and I obediently went into the carrier and was brought in. I waited there for a week and no one came to get me. I didn't have a microchip so they didn't know who I belonged to before. Since I didn't have a home, the lady that found me said she wanted to adopt me. I got neutered, got my shots and a microchip and headed to my new home. About a week after moving into my new place, some of the neighbors asked about me and told my human that I had been wandering around the neighborhood for about a year and that they had been feeding me sometimes. At the beginning they said they had seen a pink ribbon collar and a bell around my neck, but a short time later it started looking dirty and had fallen off. I wonder why those people hadn't wanted to help me find my home back then? Maybe my owners before had been looking for me and gave up after too much time had passed. In the meantime I had to fight for food and was beat up by cats in the neighborhood. I have scars all over my body and my ear has a tear in it. I had no shelter from the rain or snow and I might have been responsible for fathering a lot of homeless and unhappy kittens since I wasn't neutered. I'm very happy now. I am safe and warm and get all the food and attention I want. I have some nice cat friends in my new home to play with and we get along great! Please don't ignore stray cats when you see them wandering around your neighborhood. If someone hadn't helped me, I might have been homeless for the rest of my life. I bet there's someone somewhere that still thinks of me and wonders what happened to me.
Thank you for telling us your beautiful story, dear Chester! 
We are happily purring to hear that after all that you have been through, you have found an Amazing Human - we know with this Human 
you will be safe, cared for and, well, spoilt to the limits!
We send you our cuddly love and we would love to hear from you in the future, to see how you are adjusting to your new life :)