Your Cuddly Friend

Since we started this blog, not a very long time ago, we made some wonderful Cuddly Friends. Most of them had seemed to be lost to love, trust or kindness at some point in their lives. They were waiting in the corners, not wanted by anybody. After their horror pasts, they did not look "cute" and did not encourage hugs and kisses. But despite all that, somehow, they found their Humans. Humans that don't bring a live being home just because it fits their new room design, but because they want to share goodness and spread love. Every single one of these stories ends up with: " ... and after some time (and work), he/she became the most wonderful and loving part of our family".  

Does this sound familiar? :) If you would like to share a story of a Cuddly Friend who is a proof that there are no ugly kitties, please send it to us. You can write, send pictures, videos, links to your website or youtube channel. If your story fits in with our goal, we will post it here.

Message us on Facebook (Gienia Cesia), @ThCuddlyFriends [sic!] on Twitter, or leave a comment below.


  1. That was such a inspriatioal statement. I have six cats. Yours are very beautiful

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