Thursday, 9 February 2012

Cat Care Society

CAT CARE SOCIETY (click to go straight to the website)

You can adopt those Cuddly Friends HERE

Cat Care Society (CCS) was founded in 1981 by Linda East, DVM and Lynn Rowe. CCS is a nonprofit organization and was established in order to improve the quality of life for homeless, injured and abused cats in the Denver metropolitan area. The Society's goals are:
  • To sponsor educational programs that promote responsible pet ownership, humane treatment of all animals, and the elimination of pet overpopulation;
  • To shelter cats in a healthy, cage free environment and to find compatible and responsible families for every cat;
  • To provide community outreach programs that improve the quality of life for cats and people;
  • To be a friend to all cats.

The shelter provides a temporary refuge for up to 45 adult cats until an appropriate and permanent home can be found for each. Veterinary care, premium diet and human interaction are lovingly provided. 

The large number of phone calls received each day from people who have found abandoned, abused or injured cats needing good homes indicates a strong community need for our services.  We receive an average of 70 phone calls for assistance daily.  Sadly, more than half of these are from owners needing to give up their cats.  For these cats, we provide Information about placing the cat and referrals to other area shelters.   We also provide this same information to people who have found a cat when we are at or over our capacity and cannot take the cat.  Many calls involve behavioral problems or are questions about feral (wild) cats.  Behavior counseling and printed articles on a wide variety of topics is available.  Humane traps are also available for rent.

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