Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The weekend is almost over...

Time to get ready for work!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Guests Guests Guests!!!!


We are Pum'kin and Storm and we are the definition of CUDDLY! You can see the proof here: 

Like Gienia and Cesia, we prefer actions from words so for those who'd rather watch: 


And for those who like to read, here is the story of how we found our Human, Jennifer, as seen through her eyes:

Pum'kin and Storm

It all started when I found a beautiful 6 month old orange tabby named Pum'kin in a cage at Petsmart where he had been rescued from a high kill shelter. [Petsmart helps out shelters by putting kitties up for adoption in their stores]. He was the friendliest and most affectionate cat I had ever met. I went back 3 times that day and each time was greeted with a little meow, followed by a flop on his back to have his belly rubbed. When he put his little paws through the bars to gently touch my face and lick my nose, I couldn't possibly leave him there in that tiny little cage any longer. I had to take him home.

After a few months, I thought Pum'kin might want feline companionship, so I contacted another rescue group to see if they could help me find the perfect match for him. A 4 month old grey tabby named Storm had been found wandering outside all alone with no one looking for him and was currently placed in a very small cage with a couple of other cats waiting for a home. The lady at the rescue figured someone had moved away and left him behind to fend for himself. She raved about what a little angel he was and thought he would make the perfect playmate for Pum'kin. That same night I met the cuddly, friendly and playful Storm...I fell in love all over again and took him home with me. The first day I introduced the kitties, it couldn't have gone any better - they wouldn't leave each other's side. They slept together, groomed each other and played together. I was so glad I had called my local rescue to ask for their advice in finding a match for Pum'kin. Storm couldn't be more perfect for our family. We are all so happy to have found each other.

Don't buy a kitten or cat if you can adopt one! So many rescued kitties need our help. If rescues don't save these cats, they will be euthanized or destined to a rough life on the streets. They only have space for so many and can't save them all. That is why we all need to adopt a cat instead of buy one. Please have your cat spayed or neutered and please adopt to save a life!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

When we first met...

Those two cuddly Buddies have not always been as close as they are now. It was not easy to become friends with Cesia, but Gienia never gave up and kept showering her with love. Literally, as she shows love by licking the object of her affection. Here's what it was like before they fell for each other :)

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hub Hub Hubbing

Cesia decided she wants to be a writer! 
Here is her first (and only, so far...) article on HubPages :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

More wonderful Guests!!!! Yay!!! :))))

Meet Boots and Fluffy:

Boots (orange with white face and paws) and his litterbro Buddy (all orange short hair) were adopted from a Farm as kittens. Fluffy (all orange long hair) was adopted from a vet's office (he was about a year old at the time). He was found wandering in a cemetery and brought to the vet's where they vaccinated and neutered him and put him up for adoption in the waiting room. The bottom line is they were all adopted and Fluffy was rescued! 

And how lovely are they?! Don't buy a kitten if you can adopt one. Thank you, Boot's, Fluffy's and Buddy's Human for sharing their story with us :)

Monday, 9 January 2012