Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Call To All Adopted And Rescued Cats!!!

We are looking for success stories!

It's only been half a year since we started this blog - we remember thinking about Cesia's childhood and wondering how many other lovely cuddlies out there need to find a Human that will rescue them and give them a cosy home. We spent last couple of months walking from shelter to shelter and admiring the hard work that the volunteers do. We also did a little "street" research and asked around (those who were interested in getting a new feline friend) whether they were looking for shelters or breeders. Those who stated "breeders", we asked why. And that is how we found out that there is still a certain misconception about rescued cats. A lot of Humans think that when a cat is hurt, they become "wild" towards Humans and they will never be able to befriend them. Wrong! They might need some more time and patience but it is sooooo worth it! If you read this blog regularly, you know how lovely and loving Cesia turned out. And although from time to time the reminders of her past still can be seen, those instances are less and less frequent. And Cesia is not the only one! You have already met Boots and Fluffy, Pum'kin and Storm, Suzi's Cuddlies, Mr Bob Button, Foutis and Lour, Charlie and Sponge. We also had an honour to host posts of some wonderful shelters and rescue homes: Cat Shelter Felix, Cat Care Society, Animal Shelter in Karditsa, and Little Woman Home For Animals. We need to keep showing off your beautiful cuddly faces so that maybe we'll manage to convince those who still opt for breeders, that ADOPTION IS THE ONLY WAY. If you are a Human of a cat that has been adopted or rescued, send us their pictures/videos/links to your sites (see examples above) and a short text stating why adoption is your option. If you run/are a volunteer at a shelter, send us the info and we'll post it and link to your site. You Humans gotta speak up for us cause we cannot. Go public!
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