Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Celebrity Guest - Mr. Bob Button's story

"HI Ebberbudde! Mai name is Mr. Bob Buttons & yes, the MR is part ov mai name. Mai Aunt Carol callded me MR B'cuz she sed Ai been frew a lots & d'surved teh titul.

Ai yoosta b'longed 2 a fambly nex' door 2 Aunt Carol. Tehy tol' her Ai wuz 13 years ole.  Tehy knowed she had 2 cats so tehy axed her 2 look owt fur me & come ober & feed me w'en tehy wuz owt. Tehy wuz owt a lot. Finally tehy wuz owt fur gud. Aunt Carol camed 2 giv me noms & Ai wuz owt N teh garage wif all teh furnichur! Ai wuz so skerred. But she tookd me 2 her 'aprtmunt wher Ai met LeeLee & Miss Gracie--her 2 kittehs. LeeLee had her isshews & ignored me but Ms. Gracie took me 2 her side & maded me comfy. She wuz full ov slobby kisses & hugs fur me. Poor Ms. Gracie & LeeLee R OTR now & taht's a diff'runt story Ai dowanna fink abot rite now.

Aunt Carol cudnt keep me long b'cuz she was moovin frum her 'partmunt fur a noo job. She brot me 2 her sisser and taht is how Ai got to the Michael home. She tell 'em mai name iz Buttons & Ai 13 years ole. She call me MR. Buttons. Mom showed me 2 Poppa w'en he camed home & Poppa sed "BOB! He looks liek a Bob! Buttons is 2 fem'nit fur ole guys liek us so Ai will call him Bob."

Mom sed, "We'll Compermize & call his whole name Mr. Bob Buttons. 
Abot las' year sumtiem Ai got a blog 2 rite my advenchurs ov being a older cat & showing hyoomin iz fun 2 git a older pet. Tehn Ai open a Twitter & Facebook & Mai mom help me open fanclub on Facebook. Unca Greg sed Ai needed T-shirts n' stuff so Ai has a store. We R gonna add moar stuff feechuring  evils Brudder Benny taht mai Unca Greg, who iz artiss, Nvented. Mom sez Unca Greg is not well N teh head.
Heeer's sum pichurs & links:
Prowd WLF MemberThis is a portrit of me in mai WLF beret Ai earned frum WLF on Twitter. It meeens "Whiskas Lib'ratshun Front." We duz comyoontee survis fur all anipals.
Heer is me abot 2 wurk on mai blog wif Mom's net book.
Heer is me on Mom & Poppa's bed. Ai liek when teh covvers is curled up."

Mr. Bob Buttons BLOG Gess w'at iz called?
On Twitter Ai'm  @MrBobButtons

Thank you for sharing your story with us, 
Mr. Bob Button!!!


  1. Bob says: "UR berry welkumd!"
    BTW, after a recent visit to the vet, she determined that Bob is about seven years old. Since we adopted him about four years ago,at what we thought was 13 we thought he was 17 years old until last month! We're glad to find he'll be around longer and it doesn't stop us from being advoCATS for adopting older pets. On behalf of Mr. Bob Buttons and Family, we thank you for this opportunity.

    1. Oh, that is wonderful news indeed! He must be like: "well, finally you dont think I am a grandpa!" :) You are the most amazing advoCAT, Kathy!! :)