Monday, 19 March 2012

Our Dear Cuddly Friend Foutis is Celebrating Birthday!

Foutis has a lovely Human who says:

"Foutis is one year old!!!
Foutis is a stray that arrived in our common garden 8 months ago along with a few other kitties. He was skinny and hurt probably by a male cat. He was gentle and seeking human contact. We fed him along the rest of the kitties. Over time the kitties stopped appearing. Foutis and Lour stick around, never living like the others which seek refuge to neighbor gardens.
Foutis and Lour managed to climb to our balcony. No matter the complains they stayed there. Lour has been adopted to a great family and he is very happy!!! By estimation its both Foutis and Lour' birthday.
Foutis is still with us, fighting all the difficulties that life through at him occasionally!!! We are here to help him, protect him and try our best to find a forever home for him!!!

Happy birthday Foutis!!! Be healthy, happy and strong!! ^.^"

Check in tomorrow to celebrate with Lour!

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