Wednesday, 7 November 2012

It is our honour to introduce... Sasha!

Celebrating Animal Shelter Appreciation Week  
by sharing your cuddly stories. 
Today, we would like you to meet gorgeous  Sasha!

Sasha's Human says:
Before I adopted Sasha, I had two male cats. Sunshine was an orange and white tabby that I got in 1990 and Baylor was a black and white tuxedo cat that I got in 1994.They were both feral cats that I brought home from where I used to work. They were together for over 14 years. Sunshine got sick in March of 2008 and I had to have him put to sleep on Dec.19,2008 Sunshine was 18 years old. Baylor got sick in September of 2008 and he died June 19,2009. Baylor was almost 15 years old. They died exactly 6 months apart. I was lost without "My Guys" but knew that I would want another cat someday. After they both died it was the first time in my life that I could remember not having a cat.

In early October of 2009, I decided to start looking around for another cat. I went to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) and looked around. (Sasha was there at the time but I don't remember seeing her).I still didn't feel ready for another cat so I didn't adopt that day. On Nov.14 I went back to KHS with my Dad and I felt ready to adopt. Dad suggested getting a female since I had males for so long. The night before I went to KHS, I went online to the KHS site and made a list of cats I wanted to look at. At the shelter we went in the room where all the cats were. Almost all of them wanted attention. I started looking around and came to a cat not begging for attention. It was Sasha!

She was more concerned with looking outside into the courtyard! I noted that she was on my list. I said hello to her but she didn't pay any attention! I then opened her cage and that got her attention! She came to me and I took her out and sat down in a chair and put her on my lap. She laid right down. I looked at my Dad and said "This is the one". I then went to the desk and told them that I wanted to adopt Sasha. I had to fill out an application. Dad said "There is no way they can reject you after they see your history with Sunshine and Baylor". I was approved and they told me Sasha's background. She was left in a box at the shelter in late August.They didn't know anything about her. They named her, had her spayed, gave her shots, and a microchip. She was at KHS for almost three months.

I was so nervous about bringing her home. But everything worked out well. She moved in and right away acted like she had always lived here! It was strange for me at first because I lived here with my guys for over 10 years. But before long this was her house and not their house anymore. Sasha has been such a blessing to me.She is my faithful friend and companion. She even meets me at the door when I come home from work!
I'll never understand why someone would drop off such a wonderful cat like Sasha at the shelter. But I'm glad that they did because Sasha is now "My Girl".

Sasha has her own YouTube channel HERE.

Thank you, Sasha's Human, for allowing Sasha to adopt you 
and for sharing the story of your special bond with us.  
Opt To Adopt - always!

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  1. That's a nice story - I'm glad Sasha settled in.