Friday, 23 November 2012

Ins & Outs of Cat Hygiene

We love to be clean! 
Thanks to Mother Nature, 
we do not need anyone to keep us pristine. 

 We brush with our barbed, rough tongues 
that can easily replace scrubbers.

Our front paws can be moisten and used as a sponge.

 Teeth can extract the dirt and debris.

Paws (and claws) can pick up and brush off the dust.

 It is very important for us that we perform our grooming rituals step by step: first we moisten our paws with saliva, then we commence washing: nose, one side of the face, ear, back of the ear, forehead and the eye - then we repeat the same on the other side. Once we're done with the head, we move on to the rest of the body: front legs, shoulders, belly, behind areas, and we finish off with the big tail lick! Do not interrupt us - we must do it all in one sitting, otherwise we have to start all over again!

We always make sure to keep each other's hygiene in check!

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