Saturday, 3 November 2012

Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (November 5-11)

We are celebrating the Shelter Appreciation Week 
by inviting... Woof! Woof! DOGS!!! 
And we are not scared of them because 
they are wonderful and friendly creatures, 
given a little bit of love.

Please watch the below video from Jenna (more from The Sadie Mae Foundation HERE) and help us spread the important message: 
"Shelter Dogs Aren't Broken"

Jenna says: "Dont pity a shelter pet. Adopt one."
So many people think shelter dogs can't live up to their standards... they are SO wrong. Adopt a shelter dog today ~ visit and adopt from us if you live within the New England area. If you live further away, or don't see a good fit at our rescue, search for a dog or cat in your local shelter. 

Thank you to Sadie Mae Foundation (and Jenna) for letting us share this beautiful and heart-warming video. 

Don't buy a puppy if you can adopt one!

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