Monday, 27 August 2012

Meet Kathi!

Last week, we were honoured to introduce you to one of the Gigi's Crazy Speaking Cats, Nikki. Today the time has come for The Cuddly Friends to introduce... 

Kathi's Human tells the story of her arrival:
 I was living with Nikki and her cuddly friend when Nikki's friend sadly died. She was so sad, she did not even eat any more. I asked the vet what I should do and he advised to get Nikki a companion. I went to our shelter. There were so many young ones, but I thought, they would easily get new owners, so I focused on the older ones... and then I saw my black Kathi! At one year old, she was left at the door of the shelter, pregnant. The next day she had three kittens. I heard this story and I took her! She is a warm-hearted and modest cat and from the first day she knew her name: Kathi! I need not to say that she sleeps on my feet when I go to bed.....”

Kathi expresses her feelings loud and clear.  

But don't all of the Best Friends argue with each other from time to time?

For more Kathi and Nikki visit
 Kathi and Nikki's YouTube channel!
Thank you for being our guest and spreading the message that 
adoption is the best option!

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