Friday, 10 August 2012

For The Love Of Animals - Meet MIRACLE!

Suzi has been a wonderful supporter of The Cuddly Friends 
from the beginning of our journey. 
She is the author of our favourite saying: 
"Adoption Is The Hip Option!"
Thanks to her, we were introduced to many loving and loveable cuddlies 
and some of them had graced this blog already.

Today, we would like to present a very special guy:

This is Miracle!

 Suzi says: 
I met "Miracle" in the Intake Room at the Animal Shelter and was once again amazed at how forgiving animals can be. Miracle has been through hell, purposely burned and cast aside. He's had surgery to clean burn wounds and debride the skin with more treatments to come. 

He was treated in the Intensive Care Unit and then brought up to the Main Adoption Room to be with the other cats. Here he will continue to receive treatment, socialize freely with cats and loving humans until he meets his special person and goes to his forever home.

Here he is at present playing with abandon in the main cat room!

He spent weeks in ICU at the animal shelter undergoing several surgeries and burn treatments to restore his skin. Never once did he do anything but purr.  

A Cat's Prayer
I ask for the privilege of not being born...
not to be born until you can assure me of a home and a master to protect me, and the right to live as long as I am physically able to enjoy life...
not to be born until my body is precious and men have ceased to exploit it because it is cheap and plentiful. 
Author Unknown

We wish Miracle and all his feline and human Friends lots and lots of love! Thank you for you work, Suzi - purrr purrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrr...

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  1. Wow, I lOVE cats and have three rescues (well I found them in the local piazza at a few weeks old!) I live in Italy so can't have him but wish I could!