Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Put your paws around me...

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  1. Hey Glad I found your site. Around six months ago I rescued this tiny kitten and brought him home, I have fallen totally in love with my furry friend and she is such a big part of my life. We even meow together. No kidding. When my little friend wants a kitty treat she looks at me and meows to me. I always without failure respond to her meow with a treat and I meow back to her. This is how we communicate. This little kitten shows me much love by sleeping with me and crawling on my chest when I am laying down because she wants me to pet her. She is now a little over a year old and I think of the life this beautiful creature would have had if I wasn't lucky enough to find her and take her home with me. I seen a video on the news tonight that horrified me. It showed a teenage kid luring a hungry kitten to him and then kicking the kitten into the air while other kids nearby watched and laughed. I was sickened by this site. Thank god the sob was arrested here in New York. I just hope that he ends up on Rikers Island( A new York city jail) and he gets his ass kicked the same way that he kicked that poor defenseless and trusting kitten.