Saturday, 4 January 2014

Friends and Followers Award

Every Caturday is worth celebrating and every day is
 a Caturday in The Cuddly Friends household. 
However, today we have a special announcement! 
We have received an award!!! :)

Here's what Friends and Followers award is all about:

It was invented by Nerissa and HERE you can find out more
 about its origins and rules.
Thank you, beautiful Nerissa, for this wonderpurr idea!!


We have received the Friends and Followers Award from
 our dearest woofing Friend, Clowie.

Clowie has a BLOG she sometimes shares with two pawesome kittehs, Mulberry and Pippin! And HERE you can see her Friends and Followers Special Post :)

You can woof to her through her TWITTER or GOOGLE+ 
(You can also meow to her, she is very tolerant!)

Thank you so much lovely Clowie, 
it means a lot for us to be included 
and we appreciate it hugely!

We would love to pass this precious Award 
to our Friends and Followers:

You can Befurball The Furball Fables through their TWITTER, GOOGLE+ or FACEBOOK and you can enjoy many great videos on their YOUTUBE CHANNEL

You may remember Suzi as The Cuddliest Human :) 
and you can find her on her Google+ page HERE.

These kind and loving ladies from LWHA look after kitties,
 doggies and you'll even find a Donkey!!
 Check for the updates about this cuddly bunch on their FACEBOOK, GOOGLE+ and you can watch their antics on their YOUTUBE channel.

The very outspoken Friends of ours from Austria, along with their fantastic Human Gigi, can be found on their GOOGLE+ page.

 This wonderful cat sanctuary built out of love has it's own YOUTUBE channel 
and you can also befriend them on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


(all pictures have been taken by Laureates' Bipeds)

Thank you for being our Friends!!!


  1. Thank you for all the nice things you said about me. I'm very pleased to have you as pals. And I'm going to enjoy visiting your other friends.

  2. hi Sophie, my mom told us to say thankyou to you to give this award to us, we are only stray-cats, but we have been well educated by our humans! we showed this to mom & dad and they are that happy! what a surprise at the beginning of 2014, great! I want to say in the name of my sister Kathi and mom & dad, that we are thanksful and love you and your cats! your friend, the cat Nikki



  4. Aww aren't you a cutie pie,xx Speedy
    Congrats on your award