Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Meet The Boiler Brothers!

It's our honour to once again welcome Suzi's Cuddly Friends! So far, we have met Lola, Angel and Armand; a sweet bunch of Shelter Kitties; May Cuties; Bob and the lovely Miracle! Today, it is our honour to introduce...

Bob Marley and Ziggy - The Boiler Brothers! 
(those "other" victims of 9/11) 
The story starts with this guy -
Suzi says: "The sweetest soul of a cat rescued from a boiler room with 110 degree temperature in a building next to Ground Zero. From the volume of the mats and the"shell" like layers that were shaved off his back, he must have been living down there for years. He was brought back to the shelter and shaved down as he purred greatfully."

Suzi says: "The cat rescued from a boiler room turned out to have a brother! The shelter got him last night and here they are two beautiful brothers reunited, a bit scared but both will get lots of TLC until they are in their forever homes."

As to be expected, after Suzi and her Human Friends did their magic, the boys were able to trust, love and cuddle again :)

Suzi says: "Bob Marley and Ziggy are two brothers that were living in a hot, dark boiler room since 9/11. Rescued back in July, they're now much more relaxed and social as they continue to become the cats they were meant to be. From two terrified boys that cowered in fear to this current video, look at how beautifully they have mellowed. Time, trust and love, love, love from all the shelter staff and volunteers are helping to heal these precious brothers."

Thank you, Suzi and Animal Haven for taking care of those two beautiful survivors!
Don't buy a kitten if you can adopt one!!!

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